Newton’s Maytag Dairy Farm Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

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Oct 24, 2011

On Oct. 11, 1941, the first batch of Maytag Blue Cheese was produced. Since that time, the Maytag Dairy Farm has expanded its production, but employees will be the first to tell you that no sacrifice of quality has been made over the years. The packaging room has been expanded, and new caves for ripening the wheels of blue cheese were added in 2004. Of course, the dairy herd has long since departed since those early days, but Maytag Blue Cheese continues to be considered a delicacy by the likes of world-class chefs and cheese connoisseurs around the world. The Dairy Farm hosted an open house Saturday in honor of its 70th birthday. Visitors could tour the packaging area, enjoy samples of Dairy Farm products, and hand-pick ears of popcorn from the Dairy Farm’s plot. Maytag Dairy Farm President and CEO Myrna Ver Ploeg said this is the second year for the plot of popcorn on the farm, with about three acres planted. The popcorn will be hand harvested in the next couple of days and offered for sale at the sales office and through mail-order.

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